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HiiGuru Terms of Use

Beta Operations

As we are in Beta phase, we are still in the process of improving and optimising our services. We appreciate your patience. Additionally, if your area of need is not listed, please email or Whatsapp us (details below) or send us a message in the chatbox, and we will try our best to source a Guru in that category. Please also feel free to send any feedback to

The HiiGuru Guarantee

We are confident you will find the conversation with your Guru valuable. In the event you are not satisfied, we will offer a replacement video call with another Guru. If you are still unsatisfied, we will offer a refund. Just reach out through the email, Whatsapp number or chatbox below. The refund eligibility window shall extend for a duration of thirty (30) calendar days following the date of the video call.

For all other complaints, please email with the title 'Complaint', and we will process this internally and respond within 72 hours with next steps. 

Otherwise, we welcome any feedback to improve our services and to ensure you are satisfied.

Cancellations & Reschedulings

Please give us at least 2 hours' advance notice if you want to cancel or reschedule your booking. If you would like to cancel or reschedule a booked session, please hit 'Reply All' to your booking confirmation email with the date and time you'd like to reschedule to. Any rescheduling made within the 2 hour window is liable for the full charge of the video call session (or £35).

No-Shows & Late Arrivals

No-shows will be charged the full amount. Penalties for late arrivals will be at the discretion of the Guru.

Risks & Liability

All of the Gurus on the HiiGuru platform are vetted in their area of expertise. However, by agreeing to use the services listed on the platform, you are also agreeing to take on any risks associated with following the Gurus' advice. The Gurus are not responsible for adverse events that may directly or indirectly result from their advice. Conversations are with the Gurus, third-party professionals, not HiiGuru. HiiGuru is not responsible for the content of the conversations. HiiGuru is not designed to handle emergency or medical situations. If you're experiencing an emergency or need medical attention, please immediately call your local emergency number or a qualified medical professional.


Everything discussed in your 1:1 session and any information or files/photos you share with the Guru or recordings made of the session may be reviewed internally for learning and training purposes. All materials otherwise will not be shared externally without consent from all parties involved.

Rights to Deliverables

If you have received HiiGuru design deliverables, we reserve the right to display them on our website and various communication channels (e.g. social media), but will remove any personally identifiable information from the content.

Negative Behaviour

Anyone who violates our values of respect and safety (either Guru or Customer) should be reported; we will immediately launch an investigation and take necessary actions to address.

For any questions, please contact us at

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