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  • What is HiiGuru and how does it work?
    We are an online platform connecting homeowners and individuals renovating properties with vetted design and renovation experts. We offer a broad spectrum of flexible services, from 30-min video calls to hands-on support such as designs, planning application management, cost estimates, and more. Our aim is to make home transformation easy and accessible.
  • How do I find the right expert for my project?
    You can browse our Guru profiles to see their experience, past work, and customer reviews. Additionally, use our filters to refine your search based on specific needs, such as the expertise you're after and calendar availability.
  • How do I start a project with HiiGuru?
    Getting started with HiiGuru is easy. Simply browse our services and Gurus and book the ones that fit your needs. If you're looking to book multiple services, you can book them all at once, or as and when you need them. No strings attached, and no big contracts required. You have complete control! Each service includes a 30-min video call (or you can exclusively book a video call). Before your call, you'll be prompted to provide all your project details in advance, so your Guru can focus on solutions and add value from the start of the call.
  • Can I use HiiGuru if I'm not tech-savvy?
    Absolutely! HiiGuru is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. All you need is a device that can handle video calls to make the most out of your time with your Guru. Plus, you can always reach out to us through the chatbox or email us at if you need support.
  • Can I use HiiGuru if I'm working on a property that is not my own home?
    100%! Many of our customers are property investors or developers who like to be smart with their costs. Our Gurus can support when you require expert guidance, or specific deliverables such as 3D renders, VR walkthroughs, architectural drawings, and more. Our competitive pricing keeps your bottom line in mind; our swift turnaround minimises opportunity cost; and our rigorous vetting process guarantees quality you can trust.
  • Can I use HiiGuru for commercial projects?
    Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial projects. Our Gurus possess expertise in a diverse range of project types. When browsing our Gurus, you can use the search bar to filter for this expertise, as well as any other specific requirements.
  • What areas of home design or renovation does HiiGuru cover?
    We aim to support you throughout your home improvement journey, with a wide range of design and renovation experts. We can help with projects of all sizes, from just a single question that you have, all the way to a full-fledged renovation. If you're seeking specific assistance not listed on our website, please use the chatbox or email us at, and we'll do our best to help out.
  • How quickly can I start my project after making a booking?
    You can begin your project whenever you're ready! We have experts available for same-day support if you need instant assistance. Just filter by calendar availability when booking.
  • How much does it cost to use HiiGuru's services?
    The cost of using HiiGuru depends on the service you select. All our Gurus adhere to the same pricing, so you don't need to worry about negotiation or comparison. Our mission is to make home design and renovation expertise accessible to all. Hence, our services begin at £35 for a 30-minute video call with any expert. Service prices increase along with the level of support required, but we always ensure our rates are fair and reflective of the quality you will receive.
  • Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?
    No! What you see is what you get. We're committed to total transparency. When you make a booking, all pricing is clearly displayed, along with a detailed description of exactly what's included.
  • How does HiiGuru's pricing compare to traditional design firms?
    We can offer highly competitive rates thanks to the online nature of our business and the internal efficiencies we've honed over time. By eliminating travel and in-person expenses and operating virtually, we achieve significant time and cost savings. Plus, our flexible, modular services mean you aren't tied to a big contract or committed to paying for unnecessary services. With HiiGuru, you maintain complete control over your budget, and you can pick and choose just the support you need.
  • What payment methods does HiiGuru accept?
    We accept all major credit cards. For any special requirements, please contact us via our chatbox or email
  • What types of services does HiiGuru offer?
    We provide a diverse range of services, delivered by a variety of experts, tailored to your needs. We've simplified the traditional process into essential, bite-sized services. For instance, you can book a 3D visualisation of your room with an Interior Designer, book an RIBA Chartered Architect to manage your planning application, or book a 30-min video call with any of our experts. We have a solution for every need. Please visit our 'Find a service' page to see all our offerings.
  • What is a 30-min video call and how does it work?
    A 30-min video call is a consultation with an expert where you can seek advice and ask any questions you have. Unlike some consultations that are primarily about gathering information, you can submit all your project details in advance. This ensures the entire session is dedicated to providing you with personalised advice and solutions. If you decide that you want further support, you can book additional services. If all you needed was some advice, that's fine too! You can schedule a 30-min video call with any Guru for just £35.
  • What will I receive at the end of my project?
    What you receive depends on the service you select. On each service page, there's a 'Deliverables' section that clearly details what you can expect.
  • Can HiiGuru help me with a small design project, or is it only for large renovations?
    We support projects of all sizes, even the smallest ones! Whether you need help on your full house or just a section of it, we can help. Whether you want comprehensive designs or just a quick chat, we're here for you. No project is too small for us.
  • How does HiiGuru ensure the quality of its services?
    We enforce rigorous quality and service guidelines for our Gurus. We closely monitor each Guru's performance, and place under-performing Gurus on probation. Our HiiGuru Guarantee ensures that if you're unsatisfied with your video call, you can try another expert for free, or get your money back. Should you have any complaints, please contact us via the chatbox or email with the subject 'Complaint', and we will get back to you within 72 hours.
  • What can I expect when making a booking?
    After choosing your Guru and setting a suitable date and time for your video call, you will have a chance to share more information about your project before making a payment. Upon confirming the booking, you'll receive a link to the Session Prep Form. Here, we'll pose more specific questions about your project, and you'll be able to upload photos, images, or links. This ensures you maximise your time with the Guru.
  • How should I prepare for my video call session?
    Here are our top tips: 1) Upon booking, you'll receive a link to fill in the Session Prep Form. The more detailed your input, the more value the Guru can add during your session. 2) Be prepared to show your space during your video call. This allows you to articulate your challenges and enables the Guru to better understand your objectives. 3) This is your chance to pick the Guru's brain. So collect as many questions as you can think of, and ask away!
  • How do I get in touch with the Guru for my session?
    Once you've made a booking, you'll receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a meeting link, which you can click on to join the session at the scheduled time. Additionally, you'll have the option to add this meeting to your calendar, with the meeting link conveniently included in the calendar invite.
  • What if I want to change my booking?
    We kindly request a minimum of 2 hours' notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your booking. For specifics on cancellation, rescheduling, no-shows, and late arrivals, please refer to our Terms of Use.
  • What if I miss my session?
    If you miss your session, the full booking amount will still apply. Our Gurus are in high demand and may decline other opportunities to accommodate your booking. Furthermore, they dedicate time to ensure a high-quality experience by preparing in advance for each session.
  • Does HiiGuru serve my country?
    Currently, we operate in English, though some experts do speak other languages. Interior Design is universal, which means our Interior Designers are able to offer relevant and high quality interior design advice and service, no matter where you are in the world. For the other categories, our current focus is England and Wales. If you are outside of England and Wales or unsure if your region is covered by the Guru, it's best to check with the Guru first. You can do this by selecting their profile and clicking on 'Message this Guru'.
  • What do I do if I need advice ASAP?
    To find Gurus that are available instantly, simply select 'Available Today' from the filter options on the 'Find an expert' page.
  • Can I continue to consult with my HiiGuru expert after my project is complete?
    Certainly! You can reach out to your Guru whenever you need. Simply visit their profile and book them for any additional support you require, even if it's just a 30-min video call. We are here for you throughout your project journey, from concept to execution, and even later down the line when new challenges or opportunities emerge after your build.
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with my experience?
    At HiiGuru, we take pride in delivering high-quality services at affordable rates. Our HiiGuru Guarantee ensures that if you're unsatisfied with your video call, you can try another expert for free, or get your money back. To claim this, simply contact us via the chatbox or email If you elect to proceed with a refund, the refund is eligible within thirty calendar days from the date of the video call. If you're unsatisfied with a deliverable from your Guru, we encourage you to share feedback directly with them, giving them an opportunity to address your concerns. If a resolution isn't reached, please email with the subject 'Dispute', and we'll review the matter internally and respond with a resolution and next steps. We always welcome any feedback to provide a better experience for our customers.
  • How does HiiGuru handle disputes or disagreements?
    If you're unsatisfied with your Guru, we encourage you to share feedback directly with them, giving them an opportunity to address your concerns. If a resolution isn't reached, please email with the subject 'Dispute'. Every dispute undergoes two stages: 1) Information Gathering Phase: Our team will assess the evidence presented in your email and seek feedback from the Guru. We might also request additional information or supporting documents during this phase. To justify a refund for a deliverable, one of the following conditions must be met: a) the work that has been commissioned has not been completed, 2) the quality of work is poor or minimal effort has been given by the service provider, or 3) misconduct has occurred. 2) Resolution Phase: After reviewing all the gathered information, we aim to provide a resolution and outline the next steps within 5 working days from the commencement of the Resolution Phase.
  • How are HiiGuru's experts vetted?
    Our experts undergo rigorous vetting across key criteria: 1) Experienced: Real world experience and a proven track record 2) Qualified: Industry-relevant accreditation(s) 3) Verified: Video call interview to assess communication skills, behavioural skills and to validate their CV 4) Reviewed: Performance monitored internally (with a three-strikes policy); customer reviews displayed on their profile Additional vetting criteria are applied based on specific requirements for each category. For more details, please email
  • Can I see examples of past projects completed by your experts?
    Each of our Gurus' profiles showcases their previous work and highlights their specialities. Additionally, we feature case studies from past HiiGuru projects on our homepage.
  • What do other customers say about HiiGuru?
    Do take a look at the testimonials on our homepage, as well as the reviews on each individual Guru profile pages. For more testimonials, visit our Trustpilot page.
  • How does HiiGuru protect my personal information?
    Every session with your Guru is treated confidentially. While we record each session for internal quality assurance, we will never publicly share any footage without the explicit consent of the customer. All project-related information you provide to HiiGuru remains confidential. However, we retain ownership rights over all deliverables produced by a Guru through HiiGuru and may opt to feature these deliverables in our marketing initiatives.
  • How can I get in touch if I have more questions?
    You can contact us via the chatbox or email We love hearing from our customers and are always here to help or answer any questions you have!
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