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Vetting Your Interior Designer: The Top 5 Questions to Answer

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Interior design should be fun and exciting - you essentially have the chance to create something that truly reflects who you are and it’s something you will be living in every day. But the process of getting there can be overwhelming to do on your own. Having an interior designer by your side makes the process much easier and smoother (plus there are plenty of other benefits too!

But how can you tell whether your interior designer is credible and qualified enough to support you through the process? We’ve put together the top 5 questions you should answer when searching for an interior designer. Have a read and you’ll be a vetting pro in no time!

Question 1: Do they have a formal qualification in interior design?

Whilst having an interior design sense can be learned or even inherent in someone, working with an interior designer who has a formal qualification in interior design ensures that they have the proper foundation, frameworks and considerations when lending their expertise.

Interior design education involves not just aesthetics, but proportion, ergonomics, scale, function, form, structure, spatial organisation, materials... the list goes on (and can get quite technical)! Having this foundation is something that experience alone may not be able to replicate.

At HiiGuru, all our Interior Design Gurus have studied and earned degrees, diplomas or certificates in Interior Design, so you can trust that the advice you receive is well-educated and well-founded. Check out their profiles here.

Question 2: Does their portfolio resonate with you?

Experienced interior design professionals are trained to listen to your needs, challenges and style preferences and deliver advice or designs according to your brief. But of course, in reality, many designers have their personal preferences and taste. Working with a designer that shares your vision can ensure that you get the most of your partnership.

In order to find out where your interior designer stands in the style spectrum, it’s always important to ask to see their portfolio. It will not only give you a sense of how well their style matches with yours, but also the breadth and potential diversity of their experience.

Think of it as a good match versus a soulmate. Great designers will always be great, regardless - but the ones that share your sense of style can give your partnership that extra spark.

At HiiGuru, our Interior Design Gurus cover nearly every single style, ranging all the way from Minimalist to Maximalist. And you will always be able to see their portfolios on their profile so you can make an informed decision before deciding to book one! Explore our gallery of Guru portfolios here.

Question 3: What drives them to do interior design?

Good thing is, most people who study interior design are passionate about design. However, wanting to help others with their interior design is a slightly different story.

Working with a designer who is truly passionate about working with clients to realise their dream interior means their satisfaction is aligned with yours. Being driven by helping others means that the interior designer will go the extra mile. They will listen actively, ask the right questions, and ensure they truly understand your needs. They will also come with extra ideas and inspiration and go out of their way to give you important pointers and considerations, so that you get the best results.

The Interior Design Gurus on the HiiGuru platform have all been interviewed and vetted for having the passion for helping their clients. What drives them is being able to improve their clients’ well-being and happiness in their own homes.

Question 4: Do they have a proven track record?

Generally, a minimum of two years of experience and training is required before marketing oneself as a certified designer. Beyond that, the convention of ‘the more experience the better’ is not always black and white. Indeed, more experience is valuable, but true talent and aesthetic sense is irreplaceable. Some junior designers may be just as competitive when it comes to offering a creative perspective.

It all depends on what you need the interior designer for. If you need some fresh ideas and inspiration, a talented interior designer is perfect, regardless of years of experience. If you have a complex project where process and guidelines may come into play, then it could be worth opting for an interior designer with more experience.

HiiGuru has interior designers with varying experience levels, but what is consistent is a proven track record and having that creative spark, dynamism and ability to deliver ideas on the spot. Check out their profiles here.

Question 5: Are they able to communicate effectively?

Having creative vision and aesthetic sense is one thing. Being able to communicate it is another. It’s important that the interior designer you work with is able to not only listen to your ideas, but also articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively.

Especially when it comes to video consultations, you want the interior designer to be efficient in delivering their advice, to be able to explain the rationale behind their advice, and equally to give constructive feedback on your ideas.

The team at HiiGuru interviews every interior designer before allowing them onto the platform. The designers’ service is also monitored and evaluated to ensure they provide the best possible experience to customers.

Let's Match You With the Best Interior Design Guru For YOU!

HiiGuru abides by all of these key principles when it comes to vetting and curating our marketplace of professional interior designers. This way you can rest assured that no matter who you speak with, you will have a consistently positive experience.

If you want to handpick your interior designer, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. We’ve developed a Guru Matching Algorithm to help you find an interior designer that aligns most closely with your preferences and project at hand.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get started!

If you want some expert guidance and personalised inspiration from a vetted professional interior designer, book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve your dream interior.


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