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Transitional Style Bedroom Ideas for the Perfect Blend of Contemporary & Classic

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The perfect blend of contemporary and classic, transitional bedroom styles are versatile in terms of decor. They create the perfect modern look while keeping a connection with traditional elements. So, if you’re someone who loves both styles and just can’t choose one, transitional bedroom styles are for you!

We’ve put together our favourite transitional style bedroom decor ideas, so you can get all the inspiration you need before introducing the concept to your room.

Neutral Walls

Source: Reem Elgafi

Transitional style bedrooms pick the colour of walls from contemporary designs: light, neutral shades. Use white, grey, or sand for a minimalist backdrop, which will form the perfect canvas to sprinkle in traditional decor!

Additionally, neutral shades make it easier to change up accessories and decorations when decorating for different occasions, and you’re likely to stick to them for longer when compared to dark colours.

Transitional-Style Furniture


Bearing in mind the need for carefully coordinated mixes, pick out furniture pieces that bring together modern and traditional styles. Furniture pieces with minimalist, timeless silhouettes and wooden textures are a great choice in this regard.

Additionally, snag an accent chair or two from different eras to create balance. Be sure to pair together pieces with different legs; bulky legs are traditional, while straight ones appear more modern. Grouping together both types can create just the transitional style you’re looking for.

Statement Wall Art

Source: BAX Design

Artwork forms an integral part of transitional style, so one statement piece per bedroom is a must. You can also go for a collection of smaller art pieces (perhaps something like a gallery wall), but using one piece to act as the focal point enhances the transitional style more.

The type of art to use relies on the wall it is to be hung on. If you have an accent wall coloured a bold hue (the ultimate traditional style), balance things out by choosing contemporary art pieces. These include minimal artwork, as in the picture, and abstract art.

Straight Lines For The Windows

The window treatments in transitional style bedrooms stick to clean, crisp, and fuss-free lines. Use dull-coloured drapes and curtains that don’t draw too much attention (remember, your chosen artwork is going to be the focal point).

Enhance the contemporary look by hanging the curtains all the way from the ceiling to the floor. If you want your love for traditional style being reflected here, you can choose curtains with bolder hues and/or prints.

Bonus points if you choose sheer white curtains!

Incorporate Textural Elements

A well-blended transitional style brings together different textures, so incorporating textures is one of the first tasks you should do while setting up your bedroom. To serve the purpose, use a vast array of fabrics, including cotton bedding, a textured blanket, and even a houseplant (or two).

You can play around with the items in your room for even more innovation. Velvet cushions, faux fur throw blankets, and statement rugs — texture can be added in more ways than you’d know what to do with!

Lots of Cushions

Source: Decorilla

Cushions are not only comfortable and add visual interest, but are also integral to transitional style bedroom decor. Use plenty of them (we’d say the number should be in two digits) and scatter them around your bedroom. Start off with the bed, followed by filling other seating areas you may have, such as a sofa.

Using cushions also gives a fantastic opportunity to incorporate bursts of bold colour. This helps add a traditional element, balancing the effect of ultra-contemporary neutral walls.

Transitional Style Bedrooms For A Timeless Interior!

If you’re someone who wishes to create an interior that is timeless and doesn’t require frequent upgrades, a transitional style bedroom can meet all your needs. It showcases both contemporary and classic styles, and with the decor ideas above, setting up this design for your room will be a breeze!

Want help mastering the transitional style for your space? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve your dream interior.


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