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Top Kitchen Remodelling Ideas that Make the Most of Your Space

Kitchens — the heart of our homes — are one of the busiest rooms. They are not only a place for cooking and baking but also a source of gatherings, comfort, and enjoyment.

However, keeping your kitchen both beautiful and functional might be challenging. From installing adequate lighting to incorporating statement decor, there are multiple important decisions to be taken when looking to transform your kitchen into a practical yet relaxing refuge.

So, be prepared to get your hands dirty as we discover the best kitchen remodel ideas to create a comfortable, practical and inviting space — all-in-one!

Add A Kitchen Island

Swapping a wall for a kitchen island is an incredible renovation idea. When you reduce hard boundaries, you’ll be able to create the illusion of more space and expand the impression of the actual kitchen.

Additionally, a kitchen island can provide you with additional space — extra room for laying cooked items, extra seating space, and an extra workstation with open shelves to hold your cheese grater, chopping board, and butcher block.

Therefore, whether you want to keep an eye on the kids while working, create a fluid area for entertaining and staying connected with guests while cooking, or simply have an eat-in kitchen without feeling enclosed, a kitchen island has got you covered!

What you must keep in mind is choosing the right size and nature of the kitchen island in accordance with the purpose it will serve. For example, if your kitchen island also doubles as a workspace, consider installing a few electrical outlets. There are many different clever ways you can incorporate them into your island.

Remember to leave 38 to 48 inches (or 95 to 120 cm) of space on each side for foot traffic and coordinate the counter height with the seating you purchase.

Incorporate Statement Decor

Incorporating some beautiful decor ideas can upgrade the entire feel of your space in no time.

For example, you can add an interesting backsplash such as a ceramic tile, stone tile, or glass tile. People often tend to overlook how important this step is and opt for a stick-on 3D effect contact paper instead. However, adding a tile backsplash in a strategic position can prevent imminent grime and moisture from ruining your kitchen. You can pre-install these structures or even go for the removable tile backsplashes (used only while cooking). Just make sure to remember the important tips to help you choose the right backsplash.

Credit: Our very own Interior Design Guru, Idil!

Bringing in a splash of colour can have a similar effect. Whether you want to give all your cabinets a black coat or want to add a touch of olive green to your space, you can check out some bold-coloured kitchens ideas for inspiration. Just make sure not to overdo the colour palette and overwhelm the space with too many shades. To maintain subtlety, consider choosing a focal point, such as the cabinets or counters, for the primary shade and add the complementary colour through the backsplash or kitchen accessories.

Focus On Storage

Storage and accessibility are essential aspects of any kitchen. This is why contemporary design plans have now introduced fun storage ideas that will enliven your kitchen and improve its functionality.

Recently, blind corner cabinets, lazy susans, and open shelving in kitchens are becoming a lot more common. Lazy susan cabinets are great options for elderly people as they allow them to reach the “back” of the cabinet more easily. Blind corner pull-outs offer the same facility and use space efficiently. When looking for open shelving, there are plenty of options that can help you boost practicality and creativity. For instance, you can mix and match them with the cabinetry colour and hang hooks beneath them to find a good storage spot for bananas, bags of onions, bunches of grapes, and fresh herbs for drying.

Also, consider building a pantry if you’ve got extra space. Although storing food in cabinets might be an easier option, they are not suitable when accommodating bulk purchases (that are relatively cheaper). A pantry can provide you with space to store food for longer periods.

Upgrade The Lighting Fixtures

The intensity and style of your lighting fixtures heavily impact the overall look of your space. Yet still, it is often considered a secondary detail and isn’t given much attention.

When installing lights in the kitchen, try thinking beyond overhead lighting. Mix and match different fixtures to allow ambient, task, and accent lighting to create the desired effect for your space. You can hang pendant lights as overhead lighting over countertops, install LEDs beneath floating shelves for accent lighting, and hang chandeliers for a luxe factor.

For more ideas on how to light a room the right way, read our tips here.


Renovating your kitchen poses an incredible opportunity to instil lovely memories and create a personalised space for bonding and celebrations. Yup, you got that right — a kitchen can yield much more than just cooking meals if designed and decorated carefully!

So, what are you waiting for? Once you’ve chosen the best place for the kitchen in your home, pick any of the aforementioned remodelling ideas and upgrade your space now!

If you need some help with renovating your kitchen, just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here. They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, guidance, and ideas on how to create a kitchen that you’ll absolutely love!


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