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Tips to Incorporate Meaningful Decor that Add Beauty and Character into Your Home

Home sweet home: a place where we seek comfort and warmth, look forward to being in, and use as a reflection of our personality and identity. So why not make it a more lively and enjoyable place by personalising and decorating it with meaningful decor?

There's good reason why meaningful decor is one of the top design trends for 2023; whether it’s a room occupied for relaxing and recharging, like your bedroom, or an area for entertainment, like your living room, incorporating meaningful decor can transform your space into one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside — and that's exactly what we all need these days.

Keep reading for ideas on how to incorporate meaningful decor in a way that enhances the beauty and character of your home!

Create A Memory Wall

Credit: NYCKQ Interiors

While every family member might have a space in the house that allows them to show off their interests and style, a memory wall — being a collection of artifacts and pictures of family, friends, and good times in general — is a cute way to celebrate the family as a whole. Putting one together is super simple and helps add a punch of character to a family room. Some themes you can follow to put up a sentimental memory wall include:

  • Hanging photos with the most important people in your life, including friends, family, and your favourite pets.

  • Pulling together a gallery wall of the beautiful places you’ve travelled to as a family

  • Highlighting pieces or photos that reflect the accomplishments or precious milestones you and your family have achieved, like your kid’s first day at school, etc.

Tastefully Present Souvenirs

Keep your lovely vacation memories where you get to enjoy them all year round: as delightful decor pieces at home! Gather inspiration from some of our favourite ideas below.

  • Mount maps, ticket stubs, post cards, pictures, etc. in a shadow box with double-sided foam tape. Hang them in a gallery wall or memory wall.

Credit: Shelterness

  • Grab an apothecary jar and toss in wine corks from your favourite vineyards or wine tastings for an elegant decor piece

  • Arrange treasured collectables and flea market artwork on shelves or stack horizontal books as a pedestal for beautiful mementoes.

Credit: BHG

  • Look for a pretty clip frame to attach theatre programs and postcards.

Celebrate Gifts From Loved Ones

Credit: Ella James

A gift from a loved one is always a treasured item close to your heart. Instead of leaving it as a dust collector, think of innovative ways to transform it into a part of your home’s decor. Scented candles, for example, can be a gorgeous accessory when arranged in fancy candle trays; hanging small potted plants near a window at varying heights can breathe life into your interior.

Whether it’s a gift you received as a new homeowner or something your friend brought on your birthday, by displaying it in a thoughtful way you can also cherish the gift properly!

Display Your Favourite Books

Books are your best friends — and they can even serve as meaningful decor to add character to your interior. What’s more, there are tons of exciting ideas to display your books like the pieces of art they are and not hide them away like storage. For example;

  • Fill up the bottom of your bar cart for a portable library.

Credits: BHG

  • Place your books on a window sill right next to your cosy reading nook.

  • Pair books with decorative items (like vases and candles) to adorn your mantel.

Credit: Home Talk

  • Arrange books on a vintage ladder for a fun and interesting addition.

Credit: Walmart

  • Stack your favourite reads underneath a bench.

Show Off Your Family Heirlooms

Parting from your grandma’s vintage jewellery box or mom’s silverware is a real struggle. Neither do you use those rhinestone clip-on earrings, nor do you have the heart to throw them away. So why not bring them out of the trunk and find creative ways to flaunt them?

  • Sew vintage doilies into a mesh screen and install them in a painted window frame.

Credit: Crafty Nest

  • Transform a handwritten family recipe into a table runner.

  • Use vintage platters as wall decor.

  • Allow your grandpa’s candelabra to act as a jewellery tree on your dressing table.


Decorating your space doesn’t have to follow hard and fast rules — after all, personal touches that represent your personality and style are what make a house feel like a home. And adding meaningful decor to your home can really help. Whether it’s memorable pictures from your vacations or a heartwarming heirloom you’ve owned for years, using these meaningful pieces to create an attractive display will surely add character to your space without compromising on the aesthetics.

Not sure how to incorporate meaningful decor into your space, in a way that is cohesive with your design style? Chat with one of our experienced Interior Design Gurus for customised advice and tailored ideas!


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