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The Latest Design Trends for Short-Term Rental Properties

The rental property market is evolving year after year — and short-term rentals are ever growing. Renters want to be able to have a memorable experience in their short-term rental or Airbnb, while also looking for features that are well-suited to their functional needs. Furthermore, being able to display beautiful images on your listing will give you an edge over your competitors.

And so, landlords are dedicating effort into making their property stand out amongst short-term renters, giving rise to new trends for short-term rental properties. Below, we’ve put together the top 6 trends that will make your online listing attract substantial traffic — and ultimately lead to plenty of potential renters making bookings!

Multifunctional Spaces

With working remotely becoming the norm post-pandemic, many people are taking advantage of extending their stay while they travel, and working from their short-term accommodation. Thus, short-term tenants are increasingly on the lookout for multifunctional spaces. People looking at your property will be wondering how else the space can be used to tend to their needs. In that regard, ideas for creating a dual purpose room really come in handy, such as making room for a corner desk in the bedroom (doubling as a workstation).

Layering Textures

If your flat has a neutral base with simple decor, it can easily begin to feel cold and stark. To appeal to potential short-term tenants, it’s essential to make your space warm and welcoming. This can be achieved by layering textures in your rental property. For example, by laying down rugs, using cushions and throws, opting for textured furniture, and more.

A Punch Of Character With A Vintage Aesthetic

Credit: Decoholic

As a landlord, you want your short-term rental property to appeal to a wide market. Considering people are now looking for more character in their spaces, merging more than one style is a great idea. Consider adding a twist of vintage to an otherwise modern interior. This can be achieved with antique furnishing, such as a large Persian rug. Alternatively, you may opt for a wrought-iron coffee table. Such vintage pieces can easily be sourced from thrift stores.

Outdoor And Natural Elements

The modern short-term renter looks for outdoor elements, so, even in compact rental apartments in the city, they can find a connection with Mother Nature. Consider adding varieties of plants to your rental property through floor plants and potted tabletop plants. If you don't have much time to tend to the plants yourself though, it's a good idea to opt for faux varieties.

Other natural materials to aim for include wood, stone, glass, and marble. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive upgrade. For example, inexpensive wallpaper with a marble pattern can make for a unique feature wall, while incorporating a tabletop fountain is a great way to add stone.

Plenty Of Storage

Credit: Habitat

Short-term tenants look for functionality as much as aesthetics. And an integral part of this is providing them enough storage space to fit all their belongings. To cater to their needs, upgrade the storage of your rental property.

From multipurpose furniture to additional shelving, there are plenty of space-saving ideas to use for your rental property.

Well-Lit Spaces

Rental properties are often compact in size. One way to make your property stand out from the market is making it well-lit, so it appears bigger than it actually is (there are plenty of other tips and tricks you can use to visually open up your space, too).

Using minimal window treatments allows natural light to illuminate the space. Additionally, consider lighting your space the right way by layering the three types of lighting: ambient (or general) lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Final Words

Tailoring your short-term rental property according to the latest design trends may require a bit of foreplanning and effort, but they will go a long way in attracting potential renters. They generally won’t cost you a fortune — and even if some upgrades are pricey, you’ll recover the cost when you have lines of potential renters hoping to rent your space!

Having difficulty applying the latest design trends into your short-term rental property? Have a chat with one of our Interior Design Gurus and get personalised advice and inspiration, or have them design your space with a 3D Visualisation or pull together a Shopping List for a collection of beautiful items especially hand-picked for your space!


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