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Secrets to Making Your Space Look Expensive (without Splurging)

Credit: Our very own Interior Design Guru, Kenny!

What gives a home that expensive touch of luxury without requiring you to spend a fortune? We have a few secrets that answer that million-dollar question!

Let’s face it; decorating a home can actually get super expensive. From the furniture and rugs to the textiles and artwork, there are a number of costs involved in truly transforming your space. But don’t let the fear of blowing your budget keep you from attaining your dream interior — there are a handful of tips and tricks you can use to get a lavish interior without breaking the bank.

So, what are the top secrets that are guaranteed to make your space look expensive without needing to splurge? Let’s find out!

Add Mouldings

Mouldings are one of the easiest — and arguably cheapest — ways to make your space look expensive. Elaborately decorated mouldings are ideal for traditional or vintage interior design styles, while minimalist, more streamlined designs go perfectly with contemporary interiors.

Tip: Have a look at the casing around your windows and doors. The design style they follow is a good pointer to the type of mouldings that will go well with your space.

If you’re fond of DIY and have some time on your hands, you can get the job done yourself over the weekend. If not, you can always hire a professional (which isn’t too expensive either).

Pick Expensive-Looking Textiles

Using lavish textiles, such as luxury cushions, throws, and statement rugs, is a fantastic way to uplift your interior. A large, vintage rug can instantly make your room look expensive, and the best part is, shopping around and looking at different stores can help you land a reasonably-priced one. And even if it’s a bit more than the budget you have in mind — the luxurious impression it brings may be well worth it!

Buying cushions can get slightly pricey, so DIY is a great, cost-effective option. Visit your local fabric store and find different-patterned scraps. Sew them into cushion covers (you can also ask a tailor to do it for you), and use these DIY covers for any old cushions you have. And voila, your cushions will look double the price they actually cost!

Finally, incorporate a fringed throw blanket (or two) for the ultimate luxurious effect. You can select brighter shades or bursts of colour.

Incorporate Metallics

Nothing yells glitz and glam like metallics. They add a glossy look and diversify the textures and finishes of your space whilst adding a bit of luxe.

If you’re worried that using metallics can look kitschy, there are always subtle ways to use them. One of our favourites is using statement metallic frames for decorative mirrors to create a mirror gallery wall. You can also incorporate tables with metallic legs, and perhaps light fixtures with metal finishes, too.

Empty Spaces — One Of The Top Secrets

Emptying up as much space as possible and keeping the decor very minimalist is one of the top secrets to making your space look expensive. Declutter your interior and remove everything that you don’t need. Also, get rid of decor items that you don’t really connect with and keep only the ones that you love and are truly meaningful.

The aim here is to make your interior feel roomy and spacious, allowing just a handful of items to create their impact. Bonus points if you opt for the light-reflecting colour palette of neutrals; they also contribute to an open, expensive-looking interior!

Ensure The Curtains Reach The Floor

Short curtains can look cheap and, well, store-bought. This partly owes to the fact that they lessen the visual height of the room. So, we recommend measuring your windows before heading to purchase drapery and ensuring the size you buy reaches all the way down to the floor. Such long curtains make your space appear taller than it actually is, adding to the overall aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a good DIY, purchase lightweight cotton fabric and take it to your tailor, who will do the rest of the job for you. You can then buy inexpensive and sleek curtain rods and brackets and have your draperies go up in a budget-friendly fashion.

An Expensive Space, The Inexpensive Way!

Using the five tips we’ve shared, you can give your space a luxe factor without spending a fortune. For the most part, they’re just minor changes around your space, or fun additions, that make a whole lot of difference to the level of luxury in your home.

Need some help to upgrade your space? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve your dream interior.

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