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Organic Materials Ideas: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Home

Updated: Feb 5

Kitchen with wood furniture

With more and more people adopting the zero-waste concept and viewing nature conservation as a priority, the trend for organic materials ideas to include in homes has rapidly started to gain popularity across the real estate industry.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top reasons for bringing natural materials into your home and creative ideas to spark inspiration!

Organic Materials Ideas: Is It Worthwhile?

As more and more technology is being injected into our homes, opting for natural and organic materials helps us maintain a healthy balance and keeps us focused on what is most important in our home environment: a space that promotes peace and encourages overall well-being.

Paired with that, natural materials offer various other benefits, including:

They Make Your Home Sustainable

Open space kitchen and living room with wood floors

Credits: Toll Brothers

Whether it be organic furniture, paint, accessories, bedding, or window treatments, opting for natural materials is a great way to incorporate sustainable features in a home.

Additionally, if the natural materials you’re buying are locally produced, or even better, recycled or reclaimed, you can rest assured that you’re playing a significant role in preserving the environment.

They are Long-Lasting

Dining area with rattan lamp, white table and wooden chairs

Natural materials tend to be high in quality, which ultimately translates into a longer lifespan. Even when they do start to wear out, they usually create an attractive patina, which gives a beautiful vintage look.

They Pay Off in the Long Run

Kitchen with wooden chairs, furniture and floors

Credits: Toll Brothers

Although natural materials can be an expensive initial investment, their long lifespan and potential to be repurposed counterbalance the price tag. Best of all, they can easily be found at lumber yards, hardware stores, and local supplies, ensuring that you will find an option that vibes with your personal style.

They Have an Aesthetic Appeal

Rattan armchairs and table with rugs and wooden floors

Being unique and distinct, each piece made of natural material contributes to achieving a personalised look that is fresh, different, and attractive. While every article is essentially unique, they create a harmonious and tranquil environment when put together.

They are Non-Toxic

The materials we surround ourselves with greatly impact our health. Though the harmful practices of using asbestos and lead have died out to some extent, there are still many potentially harmful chemicals (such as dangerous floor wax, furniture polish, etc.) that can negatively impact us.

Natural materials, on the other hand, are the best and safest option as they are free from chemical additives and toxic materials like phthalates and lead.

They Boost a Home’s Resale Value

Open space living room with wooden floors, ceiling and furniture

Incorporating natural materials can definitely boost your home’s resale value. For example, wooden floors are highly sought after, flooring such as marble is highly durable, stone countertops play a major role in how a space is valued, etc. — all elements that can enhance your home’s value and attract potential customers.

They are Available in a Wide Variety of Formats

Living room with white armchairs, table and rattan curtains

Credits: Blinds Galore

Natural materials come in various forms, so you can use them in almost every aspect of your interior.

  • Bamboo, cork, engineered hardwood, linoleum, etc., for flooring.

  • Reeds, bamboo, grass, and jute for window treatments.

  • Milk paint, oil paint, and egg tempera for natural wall colours.

  • Organic fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk, and wool for bedding.

  • Marble, limestone, soapstone, granite, etc., for countertops.

How to Incorporate Natural Materials in Your Home?

If you’ve been trying to think of effective yet easy ways to bring the outdoors into your interior by incorporating natural materials in your home, try giving a shot at the following creative ideas!

Add Wooden Elements

What better way to make your home more cosy and natural than by introducing carefully crafted wooden elements? Adding wooden furniture, for instance, lends personality and warmth; wooden kitchen cabinets create a rustic feel; wooden framed artwork adds character; wooden washstand vanity units create an organic environment; wooden walls serve as a focal point, and so on.

Since wood is available in various timbers, finishes, and styles, you’ll surely find something that resonates with your personal preference and home’s ambience!

Bring in Plants

Room with wooden furniture and floors, and plants

Credit: Hilton Carter

One of the simplest ways to inject natural materials into your home is to add as many houseplants as possible. Apart from the multiple health benefits they offer, plants enhance the beauty of your interior — especially if you’re decorating with the ideas below:

  • Match your plants with your design style. For instance, an oversized fiddle leaf fig for mid-century modern, functional plants like herbs for a farmhouse look, colourful plants for an eclectic design, etc.

  • Add ferns, peace lilies, and orchids to adorn your bathroom.

  • Brighten up dark corners with Pothos, nerve plants, and ZZ plants.

  • Create contrast with plants of different sizes.

  • Make a statement by adding an oversized plant.

  • Inject a pop of colour with colourful leaves and flowering houseplants, like kalanchoe, bromeliads, and begonias.

  • Flaunt plants in stunning planters and plant stands.

Incorporate Furniture Made of Natural Materials

Incorporating furniture made of natural material is a great way to create an organic and eco-friendly environment at home. There are also plenty of cost-effective and clever ways to do this through upcycling, which can further uplift your interior by injecting it with your own personality.

Use Natural Stone

Open space living room with high ceilings, wooden furniture and natural stone

There are tons of exciting ways to use natural stone in your home — marble for flooring, granite for shelving, slate stone for cladding, quartz for a kitchen backsplash, you name it! You can even add accessories made of natural stone, including candle holders, sculptures, vases, planters, lamps, etc.

Opt for a Brick Backdrop

Armchair next to a table and a red-brick fireplace

Credit: Our very own Interior Design Guru, Emily!

Allowing exposed brick to serve as a backdrop is an incredible way to incorporate natural materials into your home. The uniformity in the pattern makes it an appealing backdrop, along with adding texture and a pop of colour. Depending on the theme you’ve chosen, consider using brick as a subtle backdrop to highlight its reveals or simply leave it in its natural state.

Our Final Thoughts

There's nothing better than connecting with nature by incorporating organic materials in your home. Whether it's bringing in plants, incorporating eco-friendly furniture, or opting for natural materials, organic elements are the perfect way to bring the outdoors indoors and create a peaceful, calm, and serene environment!

Want to add natural materials to your home? Book one of our Eco & Sustainability Gurus for a 30-minute video call. Transforming your home into a space you love shouldn't be a daunting task. With HiiGuru you can save time, avoid costly mistakes and bring your goals to life with experts by your side.


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