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How to Mix and Match Cushions for a Stunning Sofa Setting

Cushions offer a quick and easy way to refresh your living (and seating) space without creating a hole in your pocket. But beware — putting together the perfect cushion setting isn’t as simple as picking pieces you love and tossing them onto your sofa.

In fact, you need a know-how of the process, coupled with some tips and tricks, to successfully do the job. And if you’re putting in the effort to mix and match cushions, why not invest a little more and learn about it beforehand? If you’re in, consider this article your one-stop shop!

Consider The Existing Interior Design Style & Decor

Before you pick your cushions, pay attention to your existing decor. Is it Scandi-style — and do you want to complement it? Neutral-hued cushions with lots of texture are the answer. Want to go bold? Choose bright colours and create a statement. For Eclectic and Maximalist design styles, go all out with the hues and patterns.

Your existing decor is also a great place to get inspired whilst choosing cushion colours and patterns. For example, extract hues from your curtains, table runner, artwork, or rug, and use these for your cushions for a coherent look.

Choose The Colour Palette

The foundation of an interesting cushion arrangement is the colour palette. Choose three different colours to use throughout your cushion arrangement. This is especially important for our next step (diversifying patterns), as using the same three base colours for a plethora of patterns will keep the look pulled together.

Although hues are subjective to your decor, one of our favourite colour combinations is black, white, and mustard. What’s yours?

If you love neutral colours, you may want to opt for a palette of brown, beige, and off-white.

Choose Patterns & Pattern Sizes

After defining your colour palette, proceed to choose the different patterns you wish to incorporate. Again, the lucky number is three. Choose three patterns you love from the vast variety available. Floral, chevron, buffalo check, chinoiserie, striped, toile — just to name a few!

One fantastic option, as illustrated in the image above, is mixing striped, geometric, and triangular. If you enjoy understated looks, using one (or more) solid cushions is a great idea.

Regarding pattern sizes, choose one or two patterns to be larger than the rest. This prevents all the patterns from competing with each other.

Go Bold

Credit: Joe Browns

If you have a light-hued interior, take it as your opportunity to go bold with your cushion selection. Bright eye-catching colours, such as neon yellow, and bold patterns, such as chinoiserie, there are multiple ways to make a statement in your living space with your cushions.

Vary Cushion Sizes And Shapes

Having cushions all of the same sizes and shapes can easily make the space look boring. Create variety in your setting by mixing together different shapes of cushions.

Layer Textures

Credit: Amazon

Incorporating textures into your space makes the ambience more welcoming, and lucky for you, cushions offer a great way to do so. Pick different textures for your cushions. From faux fur and cotton to sequins and linen, there are multiple options to choose from.

You may want to be careful with fancy covers, though. Sequins wouldn’t be the best option to rest back on. So, they shouldn’t be placed on sofas you frequently use for resting.

Pay Attention To The Number Of Cushions

The total number of cushions in your living space has a subtle say in the overall look created. Generally, an even number of cushions creates a more traditional look. You can go anywhere between two and ten, depending on the size of your sofa and the cushion traffic you want.

On the other hand, odd-numbered cushions contribute to a more contemporary interior. From a single cushion all the way to nine, you can choose the number that fits your space best.

Make Your Cushions Look Loved

Credit: TLC Interiors

Uniform cushions that look untouched can make a space feel cold. In that regard, a karate chop in the centre will do the trick. Make sure there is a crease in the centre of the cushion, making it look like it’s been lived around. In addition to adding cosiness, doing so unites cushions of different patterns and shapes.

Final Words

And there you have it, folks — your comprehensive guide on how to mix and match cushions for a stunning sofa setting! It’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. In fact, by simply using the tips and tricks listed in this blog post, you can give your interior an instant glow-up and put together the perfect cushion set tailored to your taste!

Need some help picking the perfect cushions for your living room? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve an interior that you love.


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