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Entryway Decor Ideas for a Fabulous Foyer

Your entryway is where you set your keys and hang your coat. It is also the first space your guests enter, creating the first impression of your home and setting the tone of the interior. A beautiful foyer will have you smiling as you walk in after a tiring day at work.

As such, it’s worth investing behind sprucing up the entryway of your home. And if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve landed at the right place! Let’s discover the top entryway decor ideas for a fabulous foyer.

Upgrade The Rug

The easiest and quickest upgrade to your entryway lies right at your feet: the rug. Upgrade it with an area rug or runner, depending on the amount of space you have. Both options make your space feel cosier, but runners also visually lengthen walls and make the space feel bigger.

Since the entryway receives plenty of foot traffic, opt for rugs made of durable material. This includes natural rugs (for example, wool) instead of synthetic ones.

Swap Out The Lighting

A fashionable fix for your foyer is upgrading the lighting. This is especially useful for small entryways, where lighting adds a decorative touch without the risk of adding clutter.

From elaborate chandeliers to minimalist pendant lights, there’s a little something for everyone — you can expect to find a fixture that reflects your taste without much hassle!

Create A Bold Statement

The first thing you notice in the picture below is the statement wallpaper — a clever way to create a design statement in your entryway with bold colours and vivid patterns. As for other small spaces, such as powder rooms, wallpapers add personality to style-starved foyers.

If this is something that connects with your personality, don’t hesitate to give it a try. You’ll find yourself smiling every time you pass by!

Credit: HGTV

Alternatively, you can keep the walls minimalist and create a statement by painting the door a bold colour.

Credit: Studio McGee

Furnish It Up

Credit: Decor Pad

Another famous entryway decor idea is placing an entryway table in the area. Keep the design minimalist, as fancy pieces could create a sense of clutter in constricted foyers. You want to look for a piece that has drawers, too — these are ideal for storing mail and placing keys.

Top the table with identical lamps and a vase of fresh-cut flowers to create a welcoming ambience. Mounting a mirror on the wall is a must if you love to have a quick peek at your outfit as you rush out of the door. Mirrors also reflect light, making small spaces appear larger.

Create Seating Space

Nothing yells ‘WELCOME’ like chairs inviting visitors to have a seat. So, if your foyer appears cold, consider creating a space for seating. Using a bench — also a clever hidden storage solution — or two chairs with a mini coffee table in between will do the trick. Besides, they provide a great spot to sit and wear your shoes before heading out the door.

Accessorise your foyer seating space with throw pillows and favourite decor pieces.

Incorporate Floor Vases

Credit: Decoist

If you want to cut the clutter and keep things minimalist, opt for floor vases. Two identical floor vases placed at opposite ends are believed to bring a sense of symmetry to the room — and they add this same effect to your entryway.

You can also fill them with faux flowers or leaves, and add pebbles inside for keeping their stems stable.

Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art in your foyer provides a fantastic way to inject personality into your space. It also makes for an easy way to decorate for different seasons — floral prints for spring and sunset imagery for fall are two common examples.

Plus, wall art is a fantastic conversation starter as you welcome your guests!

Display Collection Pieces

Display a collection of items you love on one wall of your foyer. For instance, you could create a wall featuring your favourite hats. This is one of the most unique entryway design ideas, creating a space that is truly unique to your taste. Pair it with a chair and perhaps a mirror as the finishing touch!

You can also incorporate a plant in the setting for a touch of nature. Plants diversify texture and introduce a sense of life to the space.

Final Words

Your entryway imparts the first impression of your house. So if you’re an interior design enthusiast, this is one space you simply can’t ignore. Use the entryway decor ideas given in this blog post to create a foyer that reflects your personality and makes you smile as you step in after a long, tiring day!

Stuck on how to decorate your entryway? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve an interior that you love.

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