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Create a Timeless Ambiance: Ideas for Your Living Room Lighting

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In the world of home design, the living room is like the main stage where our daily stories unfold. Reading, watching TV and chatting with our favourite people: it’s no wonder that the living room is the heart of our homes. Therefore it should call for an atmosphere that lasts beyond trends and captures a sense of timeless style.

As we break down living room lighting — from floor lamps to lampshades — think about what would work best for your everyday life. If you are struggling with where to start, just book a chat with one of our Interior Design Gurus. They'll be able to guide you through all the steps and help you choose the style perfect for you.

Create an Atmosphere

When it comes to setting the mood in your living room, lighting is the star of the show. It's not just about getting rid of dark corners; it's about creating an environment that stands the test of time. During the day, consider harnessing natural light to illuminate your space, allowing the room to bask in the soft glow of sunlight. As night falls, transition to a layered lighting approach, integrating ambient, task, and accent lighting. This ensures that your living room becomes a comforting haven, offering both functionality and a warm, inviting atmosphere as you unwind and relax.

Credit: Mateo Fernández

Brighten Up With Floor Lamps

In your home's design, floor lamps play a crucial role, quietly making a big impact. Just imagine the cosy warmth radiating from a well-placed floor lamp: you could opt for one with adjustable height and dimmable settings, perfectly balancing style and utility. There are several styles to choose from and they’re made for every budget. Would you prefer adding a touch of industrial chic to your room with a copper lamp or does your room style marry well with a mid-century colourful one?

Credit: Tina Witherspoon

Make a Timeless Appeal With Table Lamps

Table lamps can quietly add class or practicality wherever you need them. Picture a sleek lamp sitting on your side table – you could go for a modern one with touch-sensitive functionality, perfect for some late-night reading, or maybe something more classic made of rich oak. Any style can create the right atmosphere to either immerse yourself in a good read or enjoy a chat with your friends and family.

If you feel like experimenting with a more modern approach, you could choose a table lamp made of sleek metals, which are still great for introducing a timeless touch of elegance.

Credit: Joel Henry

Enhance Your Space With Wall Lights

Let's not forget the often-overlooked wall lights. These fixtures frame artworks or cast a soft glow behind your sofa, subtly contributing to the overall look of your space. Whether it's sleek wall lights for a minimalist touch or statement wall sconces for a bold narrative, there's a style for every taste.

Wall lights give you the chance to play with shadows and highlights, creating a dynamic visual impact. Their versatility makes them a perfect addition to your living room, evolving with your changing decor preferences.


Add Style With Lampshades

Lampshades do more than look good — they bridge the gap between practicality and style. Maybe you're into a sculptural lamp base pulling double duty as both light and art. Or, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic, a vintage-inspired lampshade can add that perfect touch. The mix of light and shape becomes your personal expression, turning each lamp into a useful and stylish addition to your living room.


Our Final Thoughts

In the ever-shifting world of design trends, one thing remains steady. Whether you go for floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, or lampshades they become the keeper of a story that goes on. Just don't forget to consider how to light a room the right way.

Think of your living room as the main act, where everyday life happens. It's not just about turning on lights; it's about building a place that's timeless. Pick lights that match your style and values, and light up your space practically, bringing in a mix of elegance and sustainability.

Need some help with defining the optimal lighting in your living room? Get an interior designer to help you create a personalised lighting plan! They can review your floor plan, understand your lifestyle needs and style preferences and pull together a plan including lighting types, locations and wiring and circuit requirements.


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