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Chic Spring Colour Palettes for a Fresh & Blooming Interior

With flowers blooming and leaves sprouting, there’s no better time to begin anew than the beautiful season of spring. And one great place to start is by changing the colour palette of your home into a completely new and fresh colour scheme — one that you’ll also love for the rest of the year.

From warm greens and peachy pinks to orangey reds and light browns, there are so many colours that define spring. The diversity of colour is actually one thing that makes it super fun to decorate during this time. So, let’s discover the top colour palettes that blend well together and make your home feel like the beautiful blooming season!

Colour Palette #1: Apple Green And Pink

Credit: Topdreamer

If you look outside your window on a spring morning, two colours will instantly catch your eye: green and pink. And our first colour palette draws inspiration from these very spring-friendly hues.

In your living space, a fresh ambience can be attained by using a light shade of apple green for the walls. Accent pieces of furniture using the two colours are a fantastic addition, whilst pink is a great colour for the soft furnishings (especially the cushions). Additionally, incorporating animal print — such as leopard print — adds a touch of wildlife, perfect for spring.

The final touch would be (very obviously) adding houseplants here and there and voilà, your spring space is ready!

Colour Palette #2: Soft Blue And Vibrant Yellow

The versatile soft blue and vibrant yellow make a perfect colour palette for spring, and the great part is, this palette is also very easy to love throughout the rest of the year.

Soft blue is a very soothing and calm colour, making it ideal for the walls through paint or wallpaper. On the other hand, yellow imparts a feeling of liveliness, so you should sprinkle it here and there throughout the space. An example would be using soft blue and white bedding with yellow cushions and a vase of yellow flowers on your bedside table.

And if you think you’re experiencing déja vu — maybe it’s because you’ve just experienced this lovely (or at least we think so) colour combination whilst scrolling through our website *wink*.

Colour Palette #3: Orange And Grey

Bright orange screams one word - spring! It is a colour that is very stimulating but also friendly at the same time. So for folks wishing to make a statement, it is a great shade to use for the accent wall.

For our colour palette, we paired orange with grey to add a sophisticated edge and a touch of elegance. You can use grey for the furniture — or even only the central sofa — and that would suffice.

Finally, top the colour scheme with gold and black accents for a modern character. Add hints of it through lighting, picture frames, individual pieces of furniture, etc. The final product will be a well-blended colour palette ideal to use for spring and the seasons to come!

Colour Palette #4: Dark Blue And Forest Green

Dark blue contributes to a calm and classic interior, while forest green signifies nature, freshness, and fertility. Together with a neutral shade, such as white, the two colours create an attractive palette that brings a feeling of spring into your interior.

You can make your space all the more fun by opting for prints. For example, a blue-and-white floral-printed sofa is the perfect addition for spring decor. Pair it with an accent piece of forest green furniture for the ultimate spring aesthetic.

For the walls, you can keep it neutral with white or use a shade of blue to complement the overall look.

Colour Palette #5: Lilac And Mustard

Finally, another absolutely stunning colour palette for spring is lilac and mustard. A beautiful pastel shade of purple, lilac gives the space a sophisticated touch. Mustard adds a bold punch of colour to this otherwise laid-back ambience.

To incorporate these colours into your living room, use a lilac wallpaper for one wall, and add statement mustard seats. For the rest of the space, you can either opt for bright green to enhance the feeling of spring, or stick with neutrals and greys to keep things balanced.

Finish up by incorporating colourful cushions. Using a floral-printed one — coupled with a similarly-printed rug — steps up the decor game tenfold! And of course, you can use a vase of white flowers to maintain balance in the room.

Final Words

Ready to put together a fresh interior for spring? Pick your favourite colour palette, visualise how you wish to incorporate each colour, and allow a new colour palette to transform your entire ambience!

Need some inspiration on how to bring spring into your home? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve an interior that you love.


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