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Bathroom Panelling Ideas: Inspiration for Your Dream Bathroom

Pink wall bathroom with marble panels

Credit: Bianca Luna panel from the Linda Barker collection,

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space, why not have a look at some bathroom panelling ideas? Bathroom panelling not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also offers practical benefits, such as protecting your walls from moisture and creating a low-maintenance surface.

Explore different inspiring bathroom panelling ideas to help you create a bathroom that's both functional and visually stunning. Whether you're aiming for a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, these ideas will inspire you to elevate your bathroom to a whole new level. You can always count on our Interior Design Gurus for some extra help in choosing the style that works best for your home decor.

Bathroom Panelling Ideas

Classic White Beadboard Panelling 

Nothing beats the timeless charm of classic white beadboard panelling. This enduring bathroom panelling idea adds a touch of sophistication and works well in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Install it vertically for a chic look or horizontally for a more casual feel. Pair it with vintage fixtures and soft colour palettes for a cosy, cottage-inspired bathroom.

Wainscoting Panelling

Wainscoting is a traditional panelling style that adds architectural interest to your bathroom. It typically covers the lower half of the walls and can be paired with a chair rail for added elegance. Choose from various wainscoting designs, such as raised or recessed panels, to suit your bathroom's aesthetics.

Vintage Tile Panelling 

Channel the charm of yesteryears with vintage tile panelling. Vintage-inspired tiles, whether in subway, hexagon, or Moroccan patterns, can transform your bathroom into a nostalgic haven. Pair them with antique fixtures and vintage accessories for an authentic vintage look.

Bathrooms with vintage and wainscoting panelling


Modern and Minimalist Panelling Ideas

Modern Minimalist Panelling 

For a sleek and minimalist bathroom, opt for clean, simple lines with modern panelling. Choose smooth, flat panels in neutral colours like grey, black, or white. This style pairs perfectly with minimalist fixtures, frameless mirrors, and bold geometric patterns. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Subway Tile Panelling 

Subway tile panelling is a classic choice that works well in various bathroom styles. These rectangular tiles can be arranged in a classic brick pattern or laid in a herringbone design for a modern twist. Subway tile panelling complements vintage and contemporary bathrooms alike.

Bathrooms with modern and subway tile panelling


Geometric Panelling 

For a contemporary and visually stimulating bathroom, embrace geometric panelling. Create patterns like hexagons, triangles, or chevrons with your panelling to infuse a sense of modern artistry into your bathroom design. Opt for monochromatic or contrasting colour schemes to make the patterns pop.

Black and White Panelling 

Achieve a timeless and sophisticated look with black and white bathroom panelling. Combine black and white tiles or panels in various patterns, such as checkerboard, stripes, or geometric designs. This classic colour combination effortlessly suits both traditional and modern bathroom themes.

Bathrooms with geometric and black and white panelling

Glass Panelling 

If you're aiming for a contemporary and airy feel, consider glass panelling. Glass panels can be used as shower enclosures or to partition different areas within the bathroom. They allow natural light to flow freely and create a sense of spaciousness. Frosted or textured glass offers privacy while maintaining an open feel.

Textured Wallpapers and Panelling 

Create texture and depth in your bathroom with textured wallpapers that mimic the look of panelling. These wallpapers come in various patterns, such as beadboard, shiplap, or brick, adding visual interest without the need for actual panels. They're a cost-effective way to achieve the panelling look.

Frameless Mirror Wall Panelling 

For a truly modern and spacious feel, consider using frameless mirrors as your panelling. Cover an entire wall with frameless mirrors to visually enlarge the space and reflect light. This approach is perfect for small bathrooms, creating an illusion of openness and brightness.

Bathroom with frameless mirror wall panelling

Natural and Rustic Panelling Ideas

Nature-Inspired Panelling 

Infuse your bathroom with the calming influence of nature with nature-inspired panelling. Incorporate botanical prints, leaf motifs, or bamboo-effect panelling to create a serene oasis. Combine natural materials like stone sinks, wooden countertops, and organic textiles for a cohesive natural theme.

Rustic Wood Panelling 

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom with rustic wood panelling. Reclaimed wood or faux wood panels can add a cosy, cabin-like feel. Consider using weathered or distressed wood for an authentic rustic look. Pair it with stone or earthy-coloured tiles to complete the rustic vibe.

Bathroom with rustic wood panelling

Stone-Textured Panelling 

Bring the rugged beauty of natural stone to your bathroom with stone-textured panelling. These panels mimic the look and texture of stone, adding depth and character to your space. Stone-textured panelling pairs well with earthy tones and rustic fixtures for an authentic, outdoorsy ambience.

Scandinavian-Inspired Wood Panelling 

Embrace the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design with light wood panelling. Light wood panels, such as pine or birch, bring warmth and a sense of tranquillity to your bathroom. Combine them with minimalist fixtures, neutral colours, and plenty of natural light for an airy and refreshing space.

Shiplap Panelling 

Shiplap panelling has gained immense popularity for its rustic charm and versatility. Install horizontal shiplap panels for a beachy, coastal vibe or go for vertical shiplap for a farmhouse-inspired look. Paint it in soft pastels or muted tones to keep the space light and airy.

Bathroom with shiplap panelling

Luxurious Panelling Ideas

Marble-Effect Panelling

Bring the luxurious look of marble to your bathroom without the hefty price tag by using marble-effect panelling. These panels mimic the elegance of marble while being more durable and easier to maintain. Choose from a variety of marble patterns and colours to suit your bathroom's style, whether it's classic or contemporary.

Dark and Dramatic Panelling 

For a bold and dramatic bathroom, consider dark and moody panelling. Deep colours like charcoal, navy, or emerald green create an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. Combine dark panelling with gold or brass fixtures for an opulent touch.

Artistic Mosaic Panelling

Transform your bathroom into a work of art with mosaic panelling. Mosaic tiles, made from a variety of materials such as glass, ceramic, or stone, allow you to create intricate patterns, murals, or focal points on your bathroom walls. This idea is perfect for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and unique design.

Bathrooms with different panelling, black, marble and mosaic


Colourful Panelling Accents 

Inject a dose of personality and vibrancy into your bathroom by using colourful panelling as accents. Choose a bold, contrasting colour or a patterned panel to create eye-catching focal points. This approach is ideal for those who want to experiment with colour without committing to a fully colourful bathroom.

Industrial Chic Panelling 

Capture the trendy industrial chic look with metal or concrete-effect panelling. These panels evoke an urban, loft-inspired atmosphere. Pair them with exposed pipes, Edison bulb lighting, and open shelving for an authentic industrial aesthetic.

Bathroom with industrial chic panelling


Our Final Thoughts

With these inspiring bathroom panelling ideas at your disposal, you have the creative freedom to transform your bathroom into a space that not only meets your practical needs but also reflects your unique style and personality.

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of white beadboard or the boldness of dark and dramatic panelling, the possibilities are endless. Remember to consider your bathroom's size, style, and existing fixtures when choosing the right panelling option for you. By embracing these innovative ideas, you can elevate your bathroom's aesthetic appeal and create a welcoming oasis that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Looking for help with selecting the ideal panelling for your bathroom? Let our Interior Design Gurus lend their expertise in creating a personalised space or explore our services for a wealth of expert tips and inspiring ideas.


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