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5 Reasons Why You Should Consult an Interior Designer

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The process of interior decorating is a challenging task and can take up huge amounts of your time, money, and effort. Previously, it seemed that professional interior designers were reserved for the elite or people with grand, luxurious homes. But the landscape of the industry has changed and transformed through time, thanks in large part to the creation of online platforms. Today, It’s much easier to source ideas and inspiration from social media platforms so you have some tools to do a lot on your own, and virtual services have become more prevalent, making interior design expertise more accessible.

Some of you may be wondering whether you need the support of a professional interior designer. Here are some top reasons why working with an interior designer might be right for you!

An interior designer will help you express your personal style.

When we decide to style and decorate our homes, our first plan of action is usually to include all of our personal preferences. From our favourite colours to favourite décor pieces and artwork. If you’re like us, our Pinterest boards are scattered with a million different styles and ideas. While we may like a lot of things, it doesn't mean we know what looks good, or importantly, what looks good together. It's another skill to have that expert eye. When you consult an interior decorating professional, they will be able to come up with a composition that acknowledges all your preferences and present them together in a coherent way.

They will save you time and effort.

Another reason to work with an interior designer is for you to save time and effort on making tough decisions. If you’re a very busy person (and to be honest, who isn’t these days?), chances are, you won’t have enough time to do extensive research, create a mood board, shop and browse for quality furniture, find décor items and material finishes, etc. Professional interior designers do this for a living, and can give you personalised ideas quickly. They can help you make the right decisions based on your preferences - both aesthetically and functionally. This prevents you from dwelling for too long on decisions, or going back and forth a million times.

You can be confident with your decisions.

Because interior designers have extensive experience with not only aesthetics, but also various materials, they are able to outline key advantages and disadvantages for each option before you. This makes the decision-making process logical and well-informed. This goes for furniture, layout, colour palette, décor, materials… anything interior! Ultimately, you will need to make the final call, but having an interior designer by your side will give you that expert insight you need, to make a decision that you will be happy with for the long run. The worst is finding something out later that you wish you had known before, or regretting a decision after you’ve already committed to it!

They can save you money with insider knowledge & connections.

Professional interior designers know all the ins and outs of the industry, so they can help suggest options that make the most of your budget. It doesn’t matter who you are, most of us don’t like to overspend on anything! Professional interior designers often know industry secrets - like how to make low-budget items look expensive - and they have access to trade discounts that can make some purchases easier to swallow.

There are many reasons why we decide to decorate or renovate and to make our homes look beautiful. It could be as simple as wanting to live comfortably and having a home that embodies our taste and style. Decorating also increases the value of your home so when you decide to sell your property, you will be able to get a top-dollar bid. Another reason is that we just want to create that wow factor in our home to impress our guests. Regardless of your reason or purpose, it’s something you definitely want to get right the first time around… and that’s what professional interior designers can help with!

If you want some personalised advice from professional interior designers, book one of our Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve your dream interior.


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