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5 Interior Design Trends that are Making a Comeback

interior design trends that are making a comeback; bright kitchen appliances

If you look into any trends within the world of design, you’ll notice that they are cyclical. The hottest trends often draw inspiration from the past. Trends that were labelled too ‘yesterday’ often make a comeback and become all the rage again today.

And if you’re sprucing up your home and giving it a makeover, here are some of the latest interior design trends to consider and see if there’s anything that speaks to you. Remember — trends are only worth considering if they truly resonate with you.

So, let’s discover the top 5 interior design trends that are making a comeback — who knows, one of your old faves might be in there, too!

Sunken Living Rooms

Top Interior Design Trends Making A Comeback: Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken living rooms are just like a fashion trend — coming in and falling out of style oh-so-often. And currently, we see a resurgence of the trend across the design world.

As the name suggests, a sunken living room is a living space that lies a few steps below the rest of the home. Sunken spaces help define particular spaces, making them ideal for open-floor plans. They create a cosy vibe, pushing family members into a smaller space. It goes without saying that sunken living rooms also add character and visual interest compared to flat spaces.

But sunken living rooms also equate to clearly defined spaces, reducing versatility whilst redecorating the space. The steps may also pose accessibility issues, and aren’t very safe if you have little ones crawling around the space.

3D Wall Art

Top Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback: 3D Wall Art

Credit: Etsy

From the carvings in caves centuries ago to becoming prevalent in the 1900s, 3D art has been around since the beginning of civilisation.

3D art is very impactful, lending an architectural feel to your interior at a relatively low cost. In essence, the goal is to bring the wall — and the rest of the space — to life.

If you look at a piece of 3D wall art, you’ll feel it jumping at you … saying something to youencouraging you to lose yourself in it. So, if you’re looking to create an impact in your interior, this one trend is a must to consider!

However, too much 3D wall art may feel overpowering. Keep it limited to one wall (or even one statement piece per room) and allow it to do its magic.

Beige Colour

Top Interior Design Trends Making A Comeback: Beige Colour

White, grey, cream — you’ve seen these neutrals ruling interiors for a couple of years. As sleek as they look, they may feel cold and uninviting at times. And if you feel the same, we have some good news for you: the neutral hue, beige, is making a comeback — keeping your interior minimalist and simple whilst adding a touch of cosiness!

Beige is a warm, elegant, and timeless colour, providing a soothing spot to rest your eyes upon. According to the colour psychology of beige, it brings a sense of energy and strength to the home. Additionally, it pairs well with most colours, making it versatile to decorate around.

Vibrant, Coloured Appliances

Top Interior Design Trends Making A Comeback: Vibrant, Coloured Appliances

Credit: Houzz

In a surge of vibrancy, coloured appliances are making a comeback to kitchens. They add a punch of colour and enhance the visual aesthetics, but beyond that, they’re practical, too — they don’t show fingerprints as much as stainless steel does, making them easier to clean as well.

Create a statement in your interior by opting for brightly-hued ranges and hoods. If you’re hesitating to make such a huge change, start with incorporating colour in your appliances, such as the coffee machine and toaster.

If you’re not looking to purchase new appliances, consider giving your old pieces a fresh coat of paint — here’s how to do it!

Rattan Furniture

Top Interior Design Trends Making A Comeback: Rattan Furniture

Credit: Amazon UK

Rattan furniture was all the hype back in the 1960s — and it is now making its way back to the design world. This textured furniture introduces natural vibes to your home. It is lightweight, making it easy to move around. At the same time, it is strong and sturdy.

The rattan vines this furniture is made from grow very fast, making rattan furniture a sustainable option. Its durability means it is excellent to use as outdoor furniture. It is also very easy to clean — get a brush and dust it off, that’s it!

However, rattan furniture is not the most comfortable to sit on, so you’d want to pair it with cushions to create a cosy seating spot.

Final Words

Interior design trends are ever-evolving. We see fresh ones making their debut, over-used ones bidding farewell, and several trends from the past making their way back in. If you’re someone who has a love for any of the trends listed in this blog post, you’re in luck! They’re becoming all the rage once again — and it’s time for you to incorporate them into your space with confidence!

Need some help to identify trends that work with your personal taste and space? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve an interior that you love.


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