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5 Creative Ways to Save on Materials and Supplies for Home Renovations

With the infinite materials and supplies being sourced, home renovation costs can spiral dramatically if not properly managed. From tools like sledgehammers and cordless drills to fixtures like new doorknobs and lights, there’s a lot of planning that goes into tackling a smooth and successful home renovation without breaking the bank.

So before you get to work, follow us through this article as we share some of the most creative ways to save on materials and supplies for your upcoming home renovation!

Hit The Recycling Center

Credit: Annie Sloan

Recycling is one of the most effective ways to save on materials and supplies, especially in kitchen renovations. For windows, you can keep the panes (provided they are in good condition) and upgrade the frames. Consider reusing appliances — they help save money during the renovation and are easy to replace individually some time later. If you’re up for a good DIY, breathe life into old furniture and watch it transform your space just like a fresh piece!

You can also find a recycling centre near you and make money by giving away the items you wish to discard.

Alternatively, you may visit thrift stores and see if they have anything you can use in your remodel. Sometimes, contractors and builders donate and sell their overstock at discounted prices, so you may want to check for those, too.

Be Smart About Hiring Help

Curate a detailed plan to figure out the aspects of the renovation where you'll need professional help. There are tasks, such as adding a fresh lick of paint, that you can take up yourself. Some can be completed with help from a friend with experience, for example, redoing the tiles in your bathroom, while others, like technical plumbing tasks, require professional assistance.

So, be sure to hire help where you really need it — and prepare your space before the crew arrives. Tasks like cleaning up and preparing surfaces may take a bit of effort, but they’ll save you quite some labour costs.

Spend Enough Time Shopping Around

Shopping around for materials and supplies ahead of time can help you snag good deals and save money.

There are multiple home decor items you can reap BIG savings on by looking out for sales during the holiday season — here’s a holiday shopping list to save for the end of the year. Paints usually go on sale during the summer months. Subscribing to the email lists of specific brands will keep you updated with when they host a sale. Insider tip: Keep an eye out for coupons and promo codes, too! Contractors and builders are generally low-priced during winter, so that’s the right time to book one if you’re hoping to save money.

Stay Organised

This may come as a surprise, but staying organised also helps save on materials and supplies for home renovations! Let’s picture it this way — before starting your renovation, you have your entire plan sorted out and understand the amount of materials required, when you will need them, and so on.

This will make sure you don’t splurge on unnecessary items or order more than your requirement. Simultaneously, staying organised and on top of the plan will help you avoid running into huge unexpected expenses. For example, you may run short on supplies, and, in turn, resort to purchasing them during a time when their prices may be the highest. Such expenses can add up and force you to make considerable compromises in other aspects of the renovation.

Refinish Instead Of Replacing

If upgrading your hardwood flooring is a part of your renovation, consider refinishing it instead of replacing. This involves sanding the upper layer followed by covering it with fresh lacquer, and is a great way to extend the life of your flooring and give it a fresh look while saving money. Besides, refinishing wooden flooring is more environmentally friendly than a complete replacement by a whopping 78%. Tip: If your floor appears worn out from specific areas, using area rugs to cover the unpleasant parts is another creative way to save on the cost of new flooring.

The same applies to other parts of your home, such as the bathtub. If your tub looks old and has minor cracks, consider refinishing it in nine easy steps, which is, of course, more budget-friendly than a complete replacement. All you’ll need is a few tools and 3 to 5 hours of free time, and you can do it yourself!

Final Words

Home renovations can easily pull a considerable amount of money out of your pocket, so finding creative ways to save on materials and supplies is helpful. Keep an eye out for the clearance bins in home improvement stores, and keep surfing through ways to recycle and reuse materials.

If you’re struggling to formulate a renovation plan that fits your budget — or want an expert eye to pick out the aspects of the renovation you can potentially save on — find your Guru today! They will have a look at your project and provide personalised tips on where and how to save.


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