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4 Jewel Tone Colour Palettes — Gems for Your Interior!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

HiiGuru - colour palattes for your interior

Jewel tones are rich and bold colours, bringing life to the interiors they are used in. Simply put, they are the opposite of neutral and light colours. When used in a well-thought colour palette, jewel tones can bring a touch of luxury to any space.

Jewel tones are just what they sound like — tones from jewels. In other words, they are colours derived from gemstones, such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald. So, if you’re looking for gems to add to your interior, a jewel stone colour palette could be right for you!

Let’s discover the top 4 jewel tone colour palettes you can use in your interior (or perhaps take inspiration from, to curate a palette of your own!).

Colour Palette #1: Mauve, Amethyst, and Gold

HiiGuru - Mauvo, Amethyst and Gold colour palatte

Variations of the basic shades purple, mauve and amethyst make for a stunning combination of jewel tones to use in your interior. These can be complemented with gold for the ultimate look of luxury.

The three colours can be used on their own or paired with other shades to create a more understated look. For example, a colour palette of mauve, amethyst, gold, and grey (with a punch of green through plants) would be ideal for your master bedroom.

One way to incorporate jewel tones is through the bedding and textiles, with a connection built by extending these shades into wall hangings (and flowers!). Use gold subtly — for example, in a bedside floor lamp and hints of it in the artwork.

Because jewel tones themselves make quite a statement, you’d want to keep it minimal with the decor to keep things from going overboard.

Colour Palette #2: Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

HiiGuru - blue and mustard yellow interior

Navy blue and mustard yellow are two bold jewel tones that pair together to add depth and richness to a space. Navy blue looks classy and contemporary, and its laid-back shade contributes to the calmness of the space. On the other hand, mustard helps inject a bit of retro charm into the interior.

You can create a statement by using navy blue as the accent wall and using mustard furniture. Alternatively, you can complement a white base with the two colours, as is done in the picture above.

An ideal way to start decorating with this colour palette is by choosing a bold-hued piece of furniture. In that regard, a navy blue sofa against a white wall will do the trick. You may then proceed to add mustard through the cushions and wall art, creating a balanced jewel-toned interior.

Colour Palette #3: Emerald Green and Magenta

HiiGuru - emerald and magenta interior

Emerald green and magenta — hands-down two of the most famous favourites when it comes to jewel tones! With their deep, rich tones, these two hues can add visual interest to your space like no other.

Emerald green signifies the elegance and luxury of the gem, emerald, in your space, whilst magenta has a vibrant, uplifting impact. Again, these two colours can be used on their own for an exciting interior, or paired with white (or any other neutrals) to tone things down.

We’d suggest using emerald green for your accent wall and complementing it with magenta furnishings — though the other way round would be equally stunning, too!

Colour Palette #4: Sapphire Blue and Citrine Yellow

HiiGuru - sapphire blue and yellow interior

Credit: sofacouchs

Blue from the gem, sapphire, is a must to consider when it comes to jewel tones. It adds hints of the depth and richness of the ocean to your space, whilst citrine yellow balances things out by bringing a touch of warmth. Paired together, sapphire and citrine create a stunning colour palette.

You can use the two colours in statement walls, furniture upholstery, soft furnishings, and decor items (including artwork). Alternatively, you can use them to complement an otherwise neutral interior, as in the image above.

Amongst other neutrals, grey pairs fantastically with sapphire and citrine. Against a grey wallpaper/paint, place a sapphire couch and citrine couch, both covered in velvet. Extend the colours further into the space using cushions and artwork for the ultimate luxurious interior!

Final Words

Minimalist design and neutral colours are undoubtedly beautiful. But If you’re someone who’s not afraid of taking risks and loves bold, vibrant hues, the 4 jewel tone colour palettes discussed in this blog post could be ideal for you!

Need some inspiration on how to introduce jewel tones into your space? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve an interior that you love.


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