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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Interior

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

There are so many interior design possibilities out there, that deciding where to start can be a daunting task. Whether you’re lacking inspiration, or having trouble deciding what you truly love, we have some top ideas to explore, to help you get inspiration and start narrowing down what you love.

Mother Nature

Our go-to spot for interior design is the Great Outdoors. After all, nothing is as mesmerising as Mother Nature itself! In fact, many interior designers bring characteristics of the natural world into their design projects.

Take a stroll in nature, such as near a lake, in a forest, or for the city-dwellers, your local park. Observe different elements from your surroundings, and you’ll find a myriad of shapes, patterns, colours, and materials to get inspiration from.

Blending together the blue and yellow from a beautiful bird or incorporating the texture of plants are two examples of how nature can inspire your interior design choices.

Interior Design Stores

Taking a tour around interior design stores (both physically and online) can give you valuable insight into what can potentially work for your home and what won’t. You can start by choosing a statement piece (such as a bright sofa!) you love, and envision how you would decorate the rest of the room around it so everything works together cohesively.

It is important to only pick — and note down — ideas at this point. Remember, we’re only gaining inspiration, not making our final decisions at this stage!


Booking a trip really is the solution to all problems, right?!

Jokes aside, travelling provides an incredible opportunity to pick elements from other parts of the world and incorporate them into your own home. Plus, it allows you to make your interior very personal to your own experiences.

From the tiles of Morocco to the coastal vibes of Miami, there’s something to incorporate into your space from every part of the world. Pro tip: there’s much to learn from hotels you reside in, too! Bonus points if you choose a space that is big on interior design.

Keep your eyes and mind open, and you’ll find yourself collecting unique inspiration (in addition to cherish-able memories, of course) for your next design project!

Online Websites & Apps

If you currently don’t have the time or resources to book a trip, no problem — one of the best sources of inspiration is still right at your fingertips! There are plenty of websites you can look up to for ideas. Start off by searching trends on Pinterest and ‘pinning’ your favourites. Alternatively, you can scroll through Instagram or Houzz.

Sometimes, what you end up liking can seem contradictory or difficult to merge cohesively into one space. That’s when speaking to a professional interior designer will help! *wink*


Magazines may be underrated in the current era of digitisation, but they’re a treasure trove of ideas for folks seeking inspiration! You can find many pictures of different design styles (some even direct you to where the relevant items can be purchased) and there are plenty of useful tips and tricks to implement in your design project.

The best magazines will even provide you with design schemes and step-by-step how-to’s to designing your space. Flip through every page and mark the ones (read: fold the page corners or rip them out!) you like best. You could use these as the starting point for your brainstorming process.

So, the next time you pass by the magazine section at the grocery checkout, you can take a pause, browse through the pile to find the interior design ones. If you’re hoping to start a major design project, getting a monthly magazine subscription might be worth it.

Let’s Get Inspired

It’s helpful to remember that design is everywhere; you just need to know how to get inspired. We hope the five tips shared in this article help give you a solid starting point to kick off your interior design journey of inspiration! Just bear in mind — whether it’s nature, a trip to Morocco, or a scroll through your Instagram feed, be observant and thoughtful, and note down the elements you want to reflect in your interior!

Lacking inspiration for your interior? Just book one of our Interior Design Gurus here! They can look at your space over video chat and give you tips, ideas and guidance on how to achieve your dream interior.
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