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Media Wall Ideas: Top 3 Designs To Revamp Your Space

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

A wood panel media wall in a living room with fireplace

Credit: Chastity Cortijo

When exploring innovative ways to include the TV in your room, a compelling choice is the incorporation of a media wall. This design option allows you to elegantly mount your flatscreen television onto the wall, creating a sleek display for various media components like speakers, gaming consoles, or even classic record players. Typically, contemporary media walls are seamlessly integrated above an existing fireplace or paired with a new inset fireplace, adding a touch of sophistication to the living space.

For a seamless installation, chat with our Building and Trades Gurus to receive professional advice on aspects such as installation procedures, stud walls, and electrical considerations. This will ensure a safe and well-executed setup, addressing both aesthetic and technical requirements. Moreover, media walls often offer practical storage solutions, making them an excellent choice for optimising space in smaller living rooms. The streamlined design not only enhances the visual appeal of the room but also contributes to efficient organisation. Want to know more? Dive into our top 3 list to choose the media wall perfect for you.

But before you take a look at media wall ideas…

Understand the Purpose

Before committing to a media wall solution, consider the intended purposes in your home: are they primarily for entertainment, aesthetics, or a combination of both? Depending on your goals, you can explore various designs or opt for a subtle transformation in your wall decor, such as a built-in solution. No matter which idea you pick for your TV wall, it's crucial to think about where you'll place it, how much light or sun it gets, and if you have enough space on both sides of the wall.

Media wall with narrow floating shelves

Credit: Mahmoud Azmy

When crafting the perfect media wall for your living space, it's crucial to consider the size of your television. Integration with storage elements means centring your TV amidst shelves, cupboards, or drawers, allowing only a specific space for your screen. Moving on to peripheral devices, take stock of gaming consoles, set-top boxes, or speaker systems.

Strategically plan spaces within your media wall for devices such as gaming consoles, set-top boxes and speaker systems, ensuring a seamless and clutter-free appearance. Conceal power leads, aerial cables, and audio-visual wires by creating hidden channels. For added convenience, consider installing plug sockets within reach of your devices. In the pursuit of an elegant and functional media wall, these considerations pave the way for a well-designed and organised entertainment hub in your home.

Now that you know the purpose, here are some designs that you could consider when choosing from media wall ideas.

Floating Design

This might be one of the most common solutions, especially if you have a large wall to play with. Alongside your TV, you could add some floating shelves around it, creating a pattern that's both nice to watch and useful to store the clutter that usually stays undisturbed around the room. The eye-catching design could use floating furniture above and below the TV screen, creating a peculiar framework. If you prefer something more minimal, why not go for a wood panel-covered wall with a floating TV screen? The warm material will give a sense of cosiness in your room, and, thanks to the latest generation TV set, you could set your device up as a digital art frame: this way you can have your favourite artwork displayed when the TV is not in use.

Media wall with wood and white floating shelves


Cabinetry Wall

Thinking about how to store your china and books while also enjoying the TV? Well, a cabinetry wall might be just the right fit for you. This solution goes very well with your living room if you don't like the idea of a TV wall and you lack space. To create a nice contrast with the colour of your TV set, you could choose a lighter nuance for your furniture, for example, shades of beige, white, and light brown give the room a more "homey" atmosphere. On the other hand, if the contrast you're aiming for is within the space itself — for example, with another wall or furniture — you could opt for brighter and/or darker colours. When considering a cabinetry wall, sometimes designs also include the addition of a fireplace: in fact, new technology and design projects allow to add electric fireplaces right under or close enough to the TV set, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Cabinetry style media wall with electric fire place


Modular Unit

Among the media wall ideas, this is another solution to utilise your space in the best possible way. For example, you could introduce a touch of modern industrial flair to the living room, with a sleek rectangular, grid-style design. Positioned at the centre, the TV is surrounded by shelves that offer enough space for books, photographs, and other decor items. This idea is also great for maintaining a tidy appearance in the room: the shelves and drawers are ideal for discreetly stowing away clutter. What makes a modular unit a great choice is the chance to play around with colours with the wall remaining visible, looking for a harmonious and functional aesthetic.

Modular unit in a modern Industrial design


Budget and Sustainability

When choosing materials for media walls, keep in mind that plasterboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Venetian plaster, and Quartz can be your allies. Plasterboard is commonly used: it is budget-friendly and can be easily fixed to the wooden frame, plastered, and decorated in your style. MDF is another great option — and the most popular one — for its affordability and accessibility: in this case too, all you will need to do is cut it to size and fix it to the wooden frame of your media wall. Would you like to give a touch of elegance to your room with a faux marble look? Then, the Venetian Plaster is what you should go for: although it is more expensive than regular plaster, it is certainly cheaper than true marble (and lighter!), also you can decide how rough or polished you want the finish to be. If your goal is to create a luxurious atmosphere, Quartz will give your room a boost of elegance: this engineered stone might be the most expensive solution but will create a spectacular finish.

Media wall made of Venetian plaster with electric fireplace


Our Final Thoughts

As you explore the top designs and practical considerations, keep in mind that this is your space, and the media wall you choose should resonate with your vision. The fusion of functionality, style, and innovation is at the heart of this transformative journey. So, dive into the design possibilities, consult with our Gurus for expert advice, and embrace the exciting adventure of crafting a media wall that uniquely enhances your living environment.

Consider it a project waiting for your personal touch — whether it's the floating elegance of a minimalistic design, the functional sophistication of a cabinetry wall, or the modern industrial vibe of a modular unit. Your media wall is an opportunity to harmonise technology with aesthetics, creating a focal point that seamlessly integrates into your home.

Your home is your canvas — let your media wall be the masterpiece that tells your story.

Need some help with creating a media wall design that you love? Get one of our Interior Design Gurus to help you create a personalised space or explore our services for expert tips and ideas. Whether it's your dream house, a new room, or a beautiful garden, our Gurus can assist you from start to finish with your next renovation project.


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